Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Albertson's paid me to shop for my groceries yesterday!

For all you folks that are newbie couponers, I decided to break down a recent trip to Albertsons. I purchased 34 items and used $98.50 in coupons. My total at the register after all of my coupons was $1.42!! I also received this $5 Catalina coupon for my next Albertsons purchase. So if you figure it in, I got paid $3.58 to take all of this stuff home!!! Check out my receipts and picture for more info.

My goal when shopping is always to keep my savings higher than the amount I spent and I'm usually able to hit right around 70% or higher in savings! Here's how this trip broke down for those that like numbers:

$106.74 (amt. of savings) + $1.42 (amt. paid)= $108.16 so.....

$106.74/$108.16= 99% savings!!!! (a new record)

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