Friday, July 24, 2009

Our money-saving manuals are coming soon!!!

We're still tweaking our manuals but they are getting closer to the finished product each day! Each one is at least 100 pages and is chocked full of insider tips on spending less and saving more. Check back with us after Thanksgiving for a preview and a link to purchase and download these valuable resources!

Our first money-saving manual is entitled "Coupons to Cash: Creative Ways to Cut Your Costs." With over 150 pages, this book covers the basics of finding, clipping, organizing and redeeming coupons as well as specific details for over 10 grocery and drug stores in our area and how to save and even make money on the things you buy! We'll cover topics like stockpiling your stuff, rebates/samples/freebies, donating a monthly box of food to charity (that you got for free with coupons!) and soooooo much more!

Our second book is not directly related to the first, so you can skip over the first if you'd like and cruise right into the savings on this must have read! "Discovering Dramatic Deals in Clark County" is a home grown manual, with ways to save for everyone, from kids to families to senior citizens. We include tips and tricks on the cheapest ways to eat out, find local entertainment, shop big box retail stores, finding quality used clothing and furniture, traveling on the cheap and using your credit card to make money for you! And this gem is the only place you'll find our top 10 picks for local Happy Hours and the famous "50 cheap but amazing things to see and do in Clark County, WA" list!

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