Sunday, August 16, 2009

Halloween Candy for FREE this year!!

Here's a blast from the past I think most of us can relate to: it's Halloween and you're 8 years old. You're all decked out in your awesome costume (maybe you were a pirate or a princess or in my case, a tube of toothpaste, thanks Mom!) and you're super excited to knock on all of your neighbors' doors and beg for some delicious candy! So you'd add a mini box of milk duds to your stash, maybe that dreaded box of raisins, and a pixie stick. And then you make a stop at the fourth house and your neighbor pulls out a tray of FULL SIZE candy bars!!!! Wow, you feel like you've just won a million dollar jackpot! This will be your first stop next year, for sure!

So with the help of coupons, I have managed to establish a HUGE stockpile of FREE full size bars to hand out on Halloween! I am excited to be "the cool neighbor" this year and see the look of amazement on the kids' faces when I pull out that impressive tray of giant candy bars! So here's a pic of what I have scored...75 name brand candy bars (give or take a few that have mysteriously disappeared) for FREE! Join the Brilliant Bargains program and you can create your very own stash of Halloween treats that are worth bragging about.

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