Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Brilliant Bargains became more than just a hobby!

One of the chapters in my manual includes a fun list that goes something like this: You know you're addicted to coupons and saving money when: you take pictures of your shopping successes and post them on your blog! To give you a taste of what I can do when combining store sales with coupons and rebates on top of it, here are my treasures from my late-night trip to Albertson's; just take a good look at the pics and then scroll down to see what my net price was:

12 jars of Ragu pasta & alfredo sauce
20 Sobe lean 20 oz. drinks
4 Fresh Gourmet croutons
3 Wish Bone Bountifuls dressings
3 large Rasin Bran Crunches
1 jumbo box of Rice Krispies
5 Pop-Tarts
2 cans of Blue Diamond wasabi almonds

Next up we have 5 boxes of Popsicles
5 pounds of bananas
5 pounds of grapes
4 store yogurts
10 Breyers yogurt and crunch
2 Silk chocolate soy milk
2 gallons of skim milk
2 packs of Yo-Plus yogurt

8 packs of Stayfree pads
10 Degree body mists
3 Dove body mists
3 Dove deodorant
11 Degree deodorant
And I almost forgot about the loaf of whole wheat bread I stashed in the freezer!
So with 2 carts full of stuff, after sales, coupons and rebates my final price was...
Yes, you read that right! And that included tax too! And if I hadn't already sent off for it, I could have gotten a $10 rebate on the Kellogg's cereal and they would have PAID me $8.78 to take all of this home!!! The coolest part of all is that I will donate at least half of it to a local women's shelter. Not bad for a day's work, huh? :)

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