Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi, my name is Traci and coupons are my new best friend!

Early one morning my mom called me. She had been watching the news, and my mom believes everything she sees on the news. She had just watched a segment on getting things for free on the internet. For once I listened to my mom and discovered a fun website called Buzzagent. There I signed up to be an agent for them and try out new products and promote them with coupons I could give to my friends. But I didn't stop there, I figured that if I could get free products there, what else could I find on the Internet? That is when I stumbled upon Freebies for I began receiving free samples of just about everything you could imagine in the mail. It felt like Christmas! And with each free sample came..... a coupon!

So I decided to look up the best deals in conjunction with my coupons and my obsession began. I was amazed by the great deals that other people were able to find. I was inspired! And the best part is, with so many great money saving websites out there, most of the coupon research work is already done for me. I just needed to get my coupons collected and organized and away I went.

Traci Ludlow

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